Facebook can literally be the end of the world

This may sounds exaggregating, but I think that Facebook could cause the end of the world.

Facebook's algorithm spurs on your own bias, causes fake news to spread like a wildfire. This in turn, boasts nazism and far right extreme politics exponentiately. Take this in combination with rising unemployment, poverty and frustration over a range of problems such increasing income levels causes populistic leaders and decisions to be elected, spur by the algorithms.

This causes people make populistics choices in elections causing brexit and trump to be elected. And if it continues may elect Marie Pen Lee and other nationalists.

These leaders could then provide a far threat to the politics, with the ultra far populistic movement. In far view, it could lead to use of nucelar weapen with apocalypse as result.

So Facebook could be a doomsday weapon, because it brings the most crude forces from human being and corrupts the democracy and spur extreme politicians.

The technological advances in information technology could mean the end of the human civilization.

The future of VR is lucid dreaming and not HDPI display

Today's VR gear is like where computer games was in the middle of '80s. My prediction for the next 20 years is that the VR headset in 2030's will not be based on HDPI display, but instead on electric signals that is combined with meditation.

I dream this night I was inside a VR game where I fight fungal daemons, and then got into Buddha Realm, and confirmed myself as Buddha.

I dreamt about future VR technologies involving lucid dreamings, 20 years in the future, the VR headset is nothing what we see today. Instead of HDPI LCD displays in the headset, it contains electric signals, and it is used by meditation, so you enter a game, and then turn off and meditate, and the headset will send the game impulses to the brain, so you can enjoy the computer game in the most realistic VR experience than ever, which is based on Lucid Dreaming, and the game logic and base is injected to the brain using headset. I really think this will come.

You choose the application on the PC, and turn on the headset. The speakers will play binaural beats while you meditate down, and once you enter lucid dream stage, the headset will send electric signals to the brain, which forms the dream to the computer world. The brain will communicate with the headset and implement the app logic, while the spiritual brain renders the imaginery themselves with help of special graphic technology. On this way, the experience will be truly limitless, and you can immerse yourself in the game, without no physical limitations. You can experience love, fly, weightless or anything ever.


Hands on TIDAL's new 'track edit' feature: Amazing

Today I read that TIDAL just released a new innovative feature: Track Edit. With this feature, listeners can alter the speed (and pitch) of any track and crop the start and end time, and then share the altered version in a new playlist. This can be compared to the hidden feature that some Spotify users on reddit has reported being present on a Top List playlist where songs are cut.

Its nice to see new innovations on streaming platforms.

I think this feature could be very handy for the ambient music community, since it would create whole new possibilities for people to customize their soundscapes them are listening to and create whole new ambient mixes.

I wouldn't be surprised if Spotify are going to announce something similar, but this is enough for me to switch to TIDAL for a while. This is really amazing news.

Right now the "Edit Track" is only available on TIDAL's mobile applications, but you can access the playlists and their edited tracks on the desktop.

Coming home from a holiday travel

I am feeling so well like I usually fell after I have been swimming or getting on a holiday trip to a warmer country and swim in the ocean. Yes, that's because I last night had a wonderful dream journey where I bathing with clothes on.

Yeah, Aquafulness, where I do virtually can enjoy the trippy feeling of aquatic activities through meditation and dreaming is taking traction now. On this way, I have been able to take virtual holiday trips over the nights to a warmer place and enjoy the great feeling of swimming in the ocean, without having to empty my banking account and risk getting killed by ISIS terrorists. As  the world is a far more dangerous place than before, and air travels are nowmore among the biggest threats ever to the climate and thus our future, we must travel less amount overseas to save our world. On this way, this kind of lucid dreaming meditation technology is extremely handy, since it allows me to freely of charge to get the same energy from the ocean virtually, without the need to travel long distances. And that technology was trained after the fungal infection mangled my aquatic exercise regime two years ago, this is really useful stuff.

I really hope that meditation, lucid dreaming and VR and a combination of these could be a great alternative for those who are planning to go to Thailand just for 'charge the batteries' and flush their savings account. I know that lot of jobs could be lost if this become mainstream, and could case a massive rush to the transportation's unemployment funds. Like how Spotify revolutionized the digital music, I hope that something similar streaming based on VR and meditation could become the Spotify for holiday travel. Virtual travel to any beach for $20 per month in a Spotify like interface that would be really neat. And physical travel is like live gigs, they won't be ruled out completely but like how music in the ancient only was lived, this is what travel is today.


The blockchain aspect of spirituality and existences gives a new dimension to healthy food

We've at this time of the year where many individual left resolutions, eat less, better and exercise more. But most drop outs. For gyms and other facilities this means that one single month can be incredible lucurative, while much stands unused for the rest of the year. 

Apart from the well known aspect of healthy living, such that sugar brings physical disease to body, contributes to psychicatric disorders and many other things, and that right kind of food are preserving health and wellness, there is also an additional dimension of the equation from me.

We've only talked about the mind and body, but there is also a third aspect - existential and spiritual dimension, which aren't not lower tied to the choice of lifestyle. As a new age believer, I think also that the nature laws that insists penalties for eating 'bad' such the devil molecule (Sugar) such obesity is only the top of the iceberg, it has a far deeper existential approach in my belief of quantum jumping.

The soul (induction pointer) is dangling between YIN and Yang, the Dark and Light World, and there is zillion of parallel worlds on the scale between those world. When ingesting the substance of the Devil (Sugar), your spiritual energies will be corrupt and you will throw to a lower and far darker dimension. In this darker dimension, you will face illness, misery, misfortune etc.

Because the spirital and existence are like a bitcoin blockchain and every act is an own bitcoin transaction. The sugar molecule is like a flammable substance, which once ingested into the system, increases the entropy and sets all pending 'fissures' on the fire. Translated to physical context is brings the most bad things about metabolic, such belly fat, cancer, diabetes etc.

But it does also hurt the spiritual existence blockchain. It might sound exaggregation, but wrongful consumtion of sugar would lower your existential integrity and corrupt the transactions of the blockchain, making your spiritual progress much deteriorated. This means that you quantum physically jumps to the dimensions where outcomes are more unfortunate and bad for your physical existence, such that you are less likely to make the random good thing happens that bring you forward.

 It might sound extreme, but when consuming sugar, misfortune happens often in the parall world, but when doing the healthy path, it seems like my existential integrity raises and I get more fortune. Sometime this can be messed up in the opossite, but mostly this is correct. 

If you do the wrong thing, you get the misfortune that you didn't met your houseband by chance, got the job you wanted or accumulating a disease. The physical representation of this corruption inside the blockchain is the metabolic and psychical damages from sugar.

Sugar is a substance created by the Devil to make soul getting attracted to his dimension, die early and been caugt in hell. 

When doing meditation such aquafulness or eating healthy, or exercise, the health of my blockchain improves and it seeds more effective. This means that so called fortunate hits happerns more often, such that I get positive response.



Using agile methods in music production and marketing

Using agile methods in music production and marketing

I am currently in the startup of a new course block at my first course at Lernia, Back End developer where we will learn about Agile methods and work with a agile sofware development project in ground.

In this course part I am reading about agile methods, and the benefits of it, such that you work in sprints and closely with the product owner in a dedicated team that work agile in short sprint to deliver software instead of a big developer project.

According to studies, only 20% of software developers succeed at all, and the world is constantly changed. The agile manifest was proposed in 2001 by a set of developers, and is the most common used framework companies uses in their software development project. The methodology embraces fully working software projects in favor of compherensive documentation, focus on the teamwork and people, and deliver smaller parts of software often instead of building a large software over time. The customer should work tight with the team during the whole process, and embrace good communication, so the team can adapt to the rapid changes that occurs to the process. 

 The intention is to ship now instead of building for the future, and work with lean processes. In a globalized market, you need to release a product fast and constantly adapt to conditions, since we work in a global world where your company are actually competing with other at the other side of the planet. The old waterfal method, where you work with a compherensive requirement spec in a year doesn't work since the market changes constantly.

I see that the same can be applicable in the music industry too. With streaming platforms such Spotify, flood of new content every day and people unwilling to pay for music, there is an extreme competition for the slots that can give exposure. As people are unwilling to discover new content, and embraces playlists over seeking music actively, musicians, artists and labels must secure placement on the major playlists and get curator's attention in order to even take off. 

And it is it not enough to be an amazing musician. Releasing a song is like buying a lottery ticket, where the prize is getting the major features. With the flood of good content ingesting in the streaming services every day, the editors does find new good releases randomly, so being great is today not enough to get exposure. You must have the fortune to get your released in a timely manner so the right editor sees it at the right time to make it.

Yesterday I gotta see live when one of Spotify largest playlists were updated in real time, and then cleared and all songs added again. And then the playlist again being refreshed at the following morning. It seems like there is a special analyze process that takes random releases from the new release pipeline alongside with other content that have been indexed by their Particle Dector (everynoise.com). So I regret I didn't release anything in sunday, but it told me that Spotify is like a 50% lottery and 50% audition to make success. A great sound uploaded at a specific time when updating ongoing could increase the chances it gets featured.

Another parameter is that Spotify uses listening data when finding the right sound of the playlist. Spotify can scan millions of playlists for getting a clue on what kind of sound that people tend in a certain moment in order and then compile a playlist that meets that moment. It also means that there is a market analysis of what content which should be promoted at a certain time.

On this way, increasing the chance of success means that you have "reverse engineer" their strategy, by constantly monitoring what kind of sound model that makes most sense right now and then try to tweak your song to match that sound base.

On this way, I take an agile approach in my music production process. I create a bunch of songs in a melody, theme and style and submit them to Spotify. Then try to share them. If it does not really take of, I go back to the Logic and try to add new elements to the track that might seems to be trending for the particular genre (such piano keys, or ambient texture), and then submit as a new edit. On this way I work in similar way as agile software development, where my music is the 'software' for the brain instead of the computer.

My sprints are about 1-3 weeks and try to release often. I analyze the tracks on the playlist I think my music would fit great on, such Chill.out.brain, Sleep etc. and try to add some elements to my track that is common, or removing elements which I think won't make well, and make a new release. This is why you see many "copies" of my singles, since I work incretementally in my music proccess, constant evolution instead of product releases.

My music is modular, if I find that my song is good but not suit the particular genre, such with Swimming melody, I reuse the melody in a track for another style, and try to take on an apporoach from there. 

By releasing new often and have a constant analysis of the flow of music that get featured, I can figure out the 'code' of music that is most prone to get promoted, and this been an effective strategy to generate success. Currently I have six tracks featured across two playlists, SPA Treatment and Sleepify, and hope to get more playlists in the future. Also, I am also featured of a number of user generated playlists too.





This morning Spotify made an additional refresh to both Sleep and PEACE playlist, alongside with addition of 25 brand new songs to Sleep playlist. Unfortunately I didn't make it this time too, but as I told yesterday, it might change.

I think they are updating for the new year, many of the songs seems to be have released recently, and most of the new songs are mostly piano soundscapes, and have a more accoustic feeling, which differs from our track atmosphere if listening closely. The frequency band is very important  here.

I think that Sleep playlist is compiled according to the listening data of what kind of music people listens to while sleeping and it is mostly piano and accoustic landscapes of real ambient. So the chance to get featured there is probably very low.

However it has passed over two month since SPA Treatment was updated, so it should be updated at anytime soon. Hopefully our track will stay live after refreshment. We had some trouble with the sound of latest track Swimming which spiked at two locations, but AWAL was great to us and sent an updated wav file to Spotify recently. Hopefully this should not affect the chance for the track to be featured at next iteration.

The very good thing is that Dr. Sounds are indexed at "relaxative" at everynoise so it mean a larger chance that editors will see it. So hopefully we will be added to more playlists by the time.

It was cool to be able to follow the update process of Sleep, and this night I had a dream where I see Sleep to be updated, which also happened again at the same time in real life. A combination of psychic energies and memories might made me to have the magic ability to see the second update process straight from the astral space.

Watching a playlist being updated at Spotify

Watching a playlist being updated at Spotify


I was really happy to be present at the moment when the Spotify editor updates the Sleep playlist on Spotify.

About 20 minutes ago, I see how the Sleep playlist were completely cleared and they incretimentally added track one by one. During this process, I went to everynoise.com and checked out the track clusers on random tracks that was added during the process.

Nearly every track I checked that had an index on everynoise.com was indexed as 'relaxative' just as my recent songs are.

Now become the really exciting moment, would my track pop up?

Holding breath, and track was added by each one, but unfortunately it didn't happen this time, but it gave me some clue about how the playlist update progress works at the Spotify HQ.

It seems like that the editor was looking for tracks in the 'relaxative' segment, and many songs were also present at the Particle Detector playlist The Pulse of Relaxative (Where Ocean Love is the first one) and the Edge of Relaxative was at the 14st place. So very close!

As I though last day, it is like a lottery draw, where winning number represents your track. It didn't happen this time but may in the future, because my songs were indexed now.

Another interesting thing was that there was also some brand new songs from brand new artists added on the playlist and many other who previously were added from SPA Treatment, so I am in close fields now.

But at this time I didn't make it but it might happen in the future.

But I listened through the sound of the playlist, and could conclude that the all tracks had a more organic and deep sound, so it might explain why my songs was not added at this time. Most songs were HQ-recordings of piano or environmental soundsoundscapes, in comparation to my more 'synthesized' sound. That might explain why this haven't happened now, the audience of the playlist might seek more organic and instrumental sound, not the kind of computer generated ambience or sample based synthesis. Or who ever know?

Some minutes later the whole playlist was refreshed again, where it was cleared and all the songs were now added at at again, but in another order. 

So it seems like the process is following:

1. Editors plans directives for the playlist according to audience stats and more

2. Editors begin browsing relevant clusters at Particle Dector, and listen closely to the sound of each song, to see if it can match the picture.

3. "A/B-testing" is done of the playlist the editors check the sound style is working well with the parameters.

4. The editor press a button so the playlist now syncs the collection with the seed of listener stats and sets the order according to the popularity, relevancy, cluster etc.

Grattis Ulf Wallgren till ditt nya jobb

Dr. Sounds önskar dig grattis till ditt nya jobb som yogalärare! Igår blev det klart att Ulf Wallgren, den kända Rapport-ankaren ska sluta för att bli yogalärare på heltid. Enligt honom tvingas han sluta från SVT då arbetstiderna är för obekväma, och att livet måste gå före.

Det är starkt gjort av honom att våga ta steget ut och bryta ut från något och gå en ny bana. Jag hoppas att detta kan inspirera andra män att våga tänka mer på sig själv och kunna göra det man verkligen brinner för och inte alltid bara efter prestige.

För att fira detta delar jag min spellista nedan!