I was really happy to be present at the moment when the Spotify editor updates the Sleep playlist on Spotify.

About 20 minutes ago, I see how the Sleep playlist were completely cleared and they incretimentally added track one by one. During this process, I went to everynoise.com and checked out the track clusers on random tracks that was added during the process.

Nearly every track I checked that had an index on everynoise.com was indexed as 'relaxative' just as my recent songs are.

Now become the really exciting moment, would my track pop up?

Holding breath, and track was added by each one, but unfortunately it didn't happen this time, but it gave me some clue about how the playlist update progress works at the Spotify HQ.

It seems like that the editor was looking for tracks in the 'relaxative' segment, and many songs were also present at the Particle Detector playlist The Pulse of Relaxative (Where Ocean Love is the first one) and the Edge of Relaxative was at the 14st place. So very close!

As I though last day, it is like a lottery draw, where winning number represents your track. It didn't happen this time but may in the future, because my songs were indexed now.

Another interesting thing was that there was also some brand new songs from brand new artists added on the playlist and many other who previously were added from SPA Treatment, so I am in close fields now.

But at this time I didn't make it but it might happen in the future.

But I listened through the sound of the playlist, and could conclude that the all tracks had a more organic and deep sound, so it might explain why my songs was not added at this time. Most songs were HQ-recordings of piano or environmental soundsoundscapes, in comparation to my more 'synthesized' sound. That might explain why this haven't happened now, the audience of the playlist might seek more organic and instrumental sound, not the kind of computer generated ambience or sample based synthesis. Or who ever know?

Some minutes later the whole playlist was refreshed again, where it was cleared and all the songs were now added at at again, but in another order. 

So it seems like the process is following:

1. Editors plans directives for the playlist according to audience stats and more

2. Editors begin browsing relevant clusters at Particle Dector, and listen closely to the sound of each song, to see if it can match the picture.

3. "A/B-testing" is done of the playlist the editors check the sound style is working well with the parameters.

4. The editor press a button so the playlist now syncs the collection with the seed of listener stats and sets the order according to the popularity, relevancy, cluster etc.