This morning Spotify made an additional refresh to both Sleep and PEACE playlist, alongside with addition of 25 brand new songs to Sleep playlist. Unfortunately I didn't make it this time too, but as I told yesterday, it might change.

I think they are updating for the new year, many of the songs seems to be have released recently, and most of the new songs are mostly piano soundscapes, and have a more accoustic feeling, which differs from our track atmosphere if listening closely. The frequency band is very important  here.

I think that Sleep playlist is compiled according to the listening data of what kind of music people listens to while sleeping and it is mostly piano and accoustic landscapes of real ambient. So the chance to get featured there is probably very low.

However it has passed over two month since SPA Treatment was updated, so it should be updated at anytime soon. Hopefully our track will stay live after refreshment. We had some trouble with the sound of latest track Swimming which spiked at two locations, but AWAL was great to us and sent an updated wav file to Spotify recently. Hopefully this should not affect the chance for the track to be featured at next iteration.

The very good thing is that Dr. Sounds are indexed at "relaxative" at everynoise so it mean a larger chance that editors will see it. So hopefully we will be added to more playlists by the time.

It was cool to be able to follow the update process of Sleep, and this night I had a dream where I see Sleep to be updated, which also happened again at the same time in real life. A combination of psychic energies and memories might made me to have the magic ability to see the second update process straight from the astral space.