Today I read that TIDAL just released a new innovative feature: Track Edit. With this feature, listeners can alter the speed (and pitch) of any track and crop the start and end time, and then share the altered version in a new playlist. This can be compared to the hidden feature that some Spotify users on reddit has reported being present on a Top List playlist where songs are cut.

Its nice to see new innovations on streaming platforms.

I think this feature could be very handy for the ambient music community, since it would create whole new possibilities for people to customize their soundscapes them are listening to and create whole new ambient mixes.

I wouldn't be surprised if Spotify are going to announce something similar, but this is enough for me to switch to TIDAL for a while. This is really amazing news.

Right now the "Edit Track" is only available on TIDAL's mobile applications, but you can access the playlists and their edited tracks on the desktop.