Today's VR gear is like where computer games was in the middle of '80s. My prediction for the next 20 years is that the VR headset in 2030's will not be based on HDPI display, but instead on electric signals that is combined with meditation.

I dream this night I was inside a VR game where I fight fungal daemons, and then got into Buddha Realm, and confirmed myself as Buddha.

I dreamt about future VR technologies involving lucid dreamings, 20 years in the future, the VR headset is nothing what we see today. Instead of HDPI LCD displays in the headset, it contains electric signals, and it is used by meditation, so you enter a game, and then turn off and meditate, and the headset will send the game impulses to the brain, so you can enjoy the computer game in the most realistic VR experience than ever, which is based on Lucid Dreaming, and the game logic and base is injected to the brain using headset. I really think this will come.

You choose the application on the PC, and turn on the headset. The speakers will play binaural beats while you meditate down, and once you enter lucid dream stage, the headset will send electric signals to the brain, which forms the dream to the computer world. The brain will communicate with the headset and implement the app logic, while the spiritual brain renders the imaginery themselves with help of special graphic technology. On this way, the experience will be truly limitless, and you can immerse yourself in the game, without no physical limitations. You can experience love, fly, weightless or anything ever.