This may sounds exaggregating, but I think that Facebook could cause the end of the world.

Facebook's algorithm spurs on your own bias, causes fake news to spread like a wildfire. This in turn, boasts nazism and far right extreme politics exponentiately. Take this in combination with rising unemployment, poverty and frustration over a range of problems such increasing income levels causes populistic leaders and decisions to be elected, spur by the algorithms.

This causes people make populistics choices in elections causing brexit and trump to be elected. And if it continues may elect Marie Pen Lee and other nationalists.

These leaders could then provide a far threat to the politics, with the ultra far populistic movement. In far view, it could lead to use of nucelar weapen with apocalypse as result.

So Facebook could be a doomsday weapon, because it brings the most crude forces from human being and corrupts the democracy and spur extreme politicians.

The technological advances in information technology could mean the end of the human civilization.