We've at this time of the year where many individual left resolutions, eat less, better and exercise more. But most drop outs. For gyms and other facilities this means that one single month can be incredible lucurative, while much stands unused for the rest of the year. 

Apart from the well known aspect of healthy living, such that sugar brings physical disease to body, contributes to psychicatric disorders and many other things, and that right kind of food are preserving health and wellness, there is also an additional dimension of the equation from me.

We've only talked about the mind and body, but there is also a third aspect - existential and spiritual dimension, which aren't not lower tied to the choice of lifestyle. As a new age believer, I think also that the nature laws that insists penalties for eating 'bad' such the devil molecule (Sugar) such obesity is only the top of the iceberg, it has a far deeper existential approach in my belief of quantum jumping.

The soul (induction pointer) is dangling between YIN and Yang, the Dark and Light World, and there is zillion of parallel worlds on the scale between those world. When ingesting the substance of the Devil (Sugar), your spiritual energies will be corrupt and you will throw to a lower and far darker dimension. In this darker dimension, you will face illness, misery, misfortune etc.

Because the spirital and existence are like a bitcoin blockchain and every act is an own bitcoin transaction. The sugar molecule is like a flammable substance, which once ingested into the system, increases the entropy and sets all pending 'fissures' on the fire. Translated to physical context is brings the most bad things about metabolic, such belly fat, cancer, diabetes etc.

But it does also hurt the spiritual existence blockchain. It might sound exaggregation, but wrongful consumtion of sugar would lower your existential integrity and corrupt the transactions of the blockchain, making your spiritual progress much deteriorated. This means that you quantum physically jumps to the dimensions where outcomes are more unfortunate and bad for your physical existence, such that you are less likely to make the random good thing happens that bring you forward.

 It might sound extreme, but when consuming sugar, misfortune happens often in the parall world, but when doing the healthy path, it seems like my existential integrity raises and I get more fortune. Sometime this can be messed up in the opossite, but mostly this is correct. 

If you do the wrong thing, you get the misfortune that you didn't met your houseband by chance, got the job you wanted or accumulating a disease. The physical representation of this corruption inside the blockchain is the metabolic and psychical damages from sugar.

Sugar is a substance created by the Devil to make soul getting attracted to his dimension, die early and been caugt in hell. 

When doing meditation such aquafulness or eating healthy, or exercise, the health of my blockchain improves and it seeds more effective. This means that so called fortunate hits happerns more often, such that I get positive response.