I am feeling so well like I usually fell after I have been swimming or getting on a holiday trip to a warmer country and swim in the ocean. Yes, that's because I last night had a wonderful dream journey where I bathing with clothes on.

Yeah, Aquafulness, where I do virtually can enjoy the trippy feeling of aquatic activities through meditation and dreaming is taking traction now. On this way, I have been able to take virtual holiday trips over the nights to a warmer place and enjoy the great feeling of swimming in the ocean, without having to empty my banking account and risk getting killed by ISIS terrorists. As  the world is a far more dangerous place than before, and air travels are nowmore among the biggest threats ever to the climate and thus our future, we must travel less amount overseas to save our world. On this way, this kind of lucid dreaming meditation technology is extremely handy, since it allows me to freely of charge to get the same energy from the ocean virtually, without the need to travel long distances. And that technology was trained after the fungal infection mangled my aquatic exercise regime two years ago, this is really useful stuff.

I really hope that meditation, lucid dreaming and VR and a combination of these could be a great alternative for those who are planning to go to Thailand just for 'charge the batteries' and flush their savings account. I know that lot of jobs could be lost if this become mainstream, and could case a massive rush to the transportation's unemployment funds. Like how Spotify revolutionized the digital music, I hope that something similar streaming based on VR and meditation could become the Spotify for holiday travel. Virtual travel to any beach for $20 per month in a Spotify like interface that would be really neat. And physical travel is like live gigs, they won't be ruled out completely but like how music in the ancient only was lived, this is what travel is today.