Awards /

Music Industry

Featured on Spotify's playlists

Spotify Community Legend

A&R Record Union

His music are available on Unity Asset Store for licensing by game developers.

Software engineering

MTA certificate 2011


Resume /

Carrier Piegon AB 2015

Artistconnector 2014-2015

E-logistik 2013

MaKe WeBo 2012

Evisto AB 2012


Lernia 2016-2018

Högskolan Väst 2011-2012

Portalens Gymnasium 2007-2011



Alexander "Vanessa" Forselius has a background in software development and music production, with several years of software development bot as freelancer, in-house and as consultant. Since many years ago, he also creates electronic music under several pseudonyms, which spans from meditative soundscapes to EDM-inspired tracks, who shares a common set of melodies, structures. His music has got placement on Spotify's editorial playlist and been featured in numerous podcasts all over the world and recently also begin offering music on Unity Asset Store.  He is also a student at Lernia's top education in .NET and graduates 2018.



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